His Biography & Inner Journey :-

In his own words, his journey till here.

brazilian hair ukMy Inner Journey began at a very early age. At the age of 4 years I was taken to Vipassana center at Igatpuri, India where during a the 3 days Children workshop of learning AnapanaSattidhyan, I had my first out of Body Experience. At that tender age I did not even know what had happened but now after so many years its wonderful to know why & how it happened. I am so blessed it happened in Presence & Grace of Guruji Shri S N Goenkaji. Journey of exploring Vipassana continued as my family was highly involved with Seva at the Institute, they would conduct or Sit for Sadhana and I would run amock in the Dhammagiri ashram. Doing anything from Gardening to playing around with the chefs at central kitchen. Those were the most and only early childhood memories I have. What a wonderful one that too. As I grew older at the age of 10years, my Mother handed me "Biography of J.Krishnamurti". I really don’t understand what my Mom was thinking gifting my J.Krishnamurthi. I wouldn't anyways probably understand any of it. But to my Gratitude to the Universe. Instead of doing my homework in my bedroom, I would read the about early childhood memoirs of Krishnamurti, and I could feel his entire consciousness being absorbed by my being. I would then just hold the book and sleep on the cold floor, sensing my entire being. I could sense every atom of my body, it would take me to such heights of understanding which were probably beyond my age lace wigs uk. At the age of 13 years I was taken again to Vipassana Center this time for a 10 days workshop, in complete Silence. My entire family and so many elders also sitting for the course couldn’t accept that I was doing it so Sincerely and honestly. To the extent even the Course teacher used to call me after every session to check if I needed anything – food, hygiene products, to just probably talk to someone. I would politely do a Namaskar and walk away. Even today I wonder at my own Sincerity of those days.

Then ofcourse the teen ages were teen ages, going to College, starting a business, going overseas for higher education etc . I would keep doing my practice of Anapana every now & then but Life was happening at a much faster pace. At 22years of age I was quite settled in Sydney Australia, had seen my share of Joys & Sorrows and the hardships of Life. Then one morning sitting on the Swing in my Garden, after a tiring Night Shift, trying to relax & Gazing at the Empty Blue Sky. I simply lost track of time & space, it was more than 2 hours before I realized, I was still wide awake and yet completely gone without a trace of this personal identity. This was also the time my Love affair with OSHO was on. OSHO one of the greatest masters who has walked past Earth in a millennia. Life moved on at the age of 25yrs I came back to India, simply because there was a Inner calling and also That Inner Peace, that Energy dynamism to Raise ones consciousness, that Incubation space – trust me is only available here in Bharata (India). I have travelled many a countries, but that boiling & evaporation can happen only here. I took over the business again, Settled in and life was easy. But the Inner journey now needed a Live Guru to hand hold me and make me take that Quantum Jump. So in 2011, I prayed with full heart & honesty to the Universe to send me My Guru. Deserve and You shall receive, in 2012 I met my Physical Gurus. Guruji Prem Nirmal & Gurumaa Bharati Nirmal, life again kick started with a pace I had never expected. I thank my Sister Dr.AlpaDalal to pull us to Guruji & Gurumma, to learn Kriya Yoga from a direct disciple of MahavtarBabaji. My first conversation with Guruji after a introductory workshop, where he looked me in the Eye and I am sure he saw a Younger himself in me. Young, Enterprising, Businessman, GujratiBaniya with Passion & business of "Chai – A cup of Strong Tea" , my Gurujis nectar. It was love at first sight. "With his beaming Voice he said – Chintanbhai, it’s a Journey of 1 & ? years from here to Enlightenment, are you ready." In my mind I was like, hey everywhere they are saying it’s a journey of hundreds of births, 1 & ? years wont hurt at all. Thus started a whirlwind journey, every week, every weekend, whenever possible just reach up to Gurujis center in Thane, India and learn, learn, learn & then have some fun & learn much more. Then in December 2013, during an Intense residential workshop, during a Question & Answer session, someone asked Something, And Gurumaa looked at me, in a split second I knew she had broken my minds coconut. Just looking into Gurumaas eyes, I was lost again, infact I wasn’t lost, the whole Universe had rushed in, and "I" had dissolved. A few months later in July 2014, I met Rev. Alex Orbito, the World famous Healer from Phillipines. I was there with my entire family & extened circle. On the first day during a Healing session, he caught me and said "YOU my Child – You have to continue your good work, You have a big Mission". I didn’t let the Air come to me, but then again he sent out his assistant to ask me to wait back & Volunteer for a few days. Which I thank God, I very happily & excitedly did. Me being constantly there always standing two feet away from Reverend Alex, I absorbed so much Understanding & Knowledge of these highest of the Sciences was a path breaking experience. On the last day Reverend after a Personal healing session, Opened my Heart Center and My Hands, and Blessed “I bless You with the Gift of Sound, Use this Sounds of the Soul to Heal everyone.” This was 21st July 2014. Immediately after that day I went into a automatic Silence, or I would say Silence took over my entire being and I remained in this State in practical Mouna (Silence) till 4th November 2014. This Vibrant Silence Still Prevails as my Only reality. In November 2014, I met my last Love affair, Master Rivesh Vade, again a truly blessed Nada Yogi & Zen Master. The first time we met, we sat talking in Silence for 6 hours. Riveshji finally helped me Settle in this Ultimate Understanding & State. The kind of settling that happened being around him, can no longer be explained in words. It is Beyond (Adi) of everything. I feel truly blessed that during this Lifetime, This body mind identity called ChintanDalal, was blessed by all my Gurus of the Universe and this Identity was taken away, dissolved back into the infinite. All Physical Gurus are needed to help one activate his own Inner Guru & Realize Ultimately, that when I am a part of the Universe, I AM also the whole of the Universe "Tat TvamAsi". "You are That Ultimate Supreme Self". Then You Just Live as Nobody & No Thing. Moment to Moment in Love & Exuberance of this Wonderful life. Over time I was Gifted my higher aspects, Sciences & Techniques from Many Many Gurus of Guru Mandala. I understood the Sciences of TattvaGyan( 5 Elements), AyurVeda, Samvahana, Swara Yoga, Nada Yoga, Vastu, Astrology etc. More so I understood, How the whole Manifested Universe owes its Complete Existence to Sound & Vibration. The Whole Universe is Only & Solely Sounds. Only Sound & Vibration has the Power to Create – Sustain – Destroy anything & everything, thus also an Ultimate Potent Medicine to Heal every aspect of Our Lives. My Understanding & the Divine gifts, helps me literally Feel, Sense & Experience the others Bodily rhythms, its ailments (distortion) in Harmony, and tune their Bodies back to Harmony. Come Experience this Miraculous Power, its Rare such Divine Gifts being made available and Affordable for all. My Life is now Simply a constant state of Gratitude and Service to Humanity. There is No Magic, Mumbo Jumbo in the Universe, its all Science, You just need to Understand and Learn it.

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About Chintan Dalal and Journey till here.

Master Chintan Dalal, is a very Young & Dynamic Self Realized being. A truly God Gifted Healer who uses Sound & Vibrations as the Ultimate medicine to transform ones Body, Mind & Soul. He is a Nada Yogi & Kriya Yoga Master, he conducts Mass Healings, Private healings & Training Workshops to become an Ayurvedic Sound Therapist. His healings are intensely Powerful, and truly transformative. The level of Consciousness & Divine Grace from which he operates, most Alpha level Energy Healings are honestly kinder garden stuff. Connect with him, Connect with his Consciousness, Connect with the Divine Grace of Master showering through him. Don’t miss this Opportunity of a lifetime.

 The Body is Nothing But Rhythm. The Universe is Nothing but Rhythm, the Work of a Healer is to Harmonize your Rhythms with the Rhythms of the Universe. 
- Chintan Dalal

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