Signing Bowls, Gongs, Bells Therapy

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The SINGING BOWL is one of the most primal & useful forms created by humans.

Singing Bowls, native to the Himalayas & also known as Tibetan Bowls, are becoming increasingly well-known, worldwide, in the field of healing & spiritualism with its transformational energies.

However, origin & original function of these metal bowls – with their fascinating & ethereal sounds & their undeniable influence on the body, mind & soul – are still surrounded by am aura of mystery lace wigs uk.

In 1951 China invaded Tibet. Then the Chinese bagan to destroy most of the monasteries & temples. Many monks fled the country. Living outside their country and in poverty created pressure to sell their belongings, which contributed to the gradual appearance of the singing bowls on the western market in the 1960’s & 1970’s.

That metal bowls can make beautiful sounds and be used as tools for meditation & healing is new to the Western mind. Very little is known about how the bowls were used in past. Even in Tibet they were not very well known and were kept & used secretly by the monks & lamas.

Singing Bowls have been in use in enchanted land of Tibet for centuries. Available only to select monks in secluded monasteries, they have carried the mystique of nirvana (Divine enlightenment ) in their sacred vibrations.

According to Tibetan oral traditions, the existence of Singing Bowls dates back to 560-480 B.C., the tradition was brought back from India to Tibet, along with the teaching of Buddha by some great “ Tantric” masters in the Tibetan region.

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