Sound Healing Mobile App

This is the Crown Jewel, an true Epitome of coming together of Ancient Wisdom, Knowledge & Sciences handed down from generations and collaborating with latest technological advancements.

At this stage after 5 years of extensive research, experiments, meeting many true Yogis across India and Ayurveda Masters, and guidance from my battery of Gurus & Guides. It is an immense pleasure to see this technology come to life, and the possibility of it being made available to all at the most Affordable prices in the world.

Also the combination of sciences, that I have used has never been used at this scale anywhere, at least in terms of digital technology and open to all.

I have used indepth understanding of Nada Yoga,Sodhana Ayurveda, NadiShuddhi , TattvaGyanam, Raga Chikitsa, Tibetan & Buddhist Tantra Knowledge, Healing Frequencies, Pythagorean Harmonics, Vastu& Astrology balancing of elements, and ofcourse Grace from Many Masters and the Infinite Universe.

May my efforts bring Health, Wealth & Prosperity to all living Beings.

The Most Ulitimate Medicine is Available, kindly make the best use of it and lead a life of Abundance, Happiness and Evolve to your Highest Potential.